Best Intel Processors for Gaming

Intel is a well-known and trusted brand that understands the gamers’ and prosumers’ requirements and brings the best processors with more threads & cores, the fastest gaming experiences, and mesmerizing architectures. If you intend to build or upgrade with Intel, you must go for the best Intel processor for gaming to enhance your PC’s gaming efficiency. We all know that deals are not easy to grab, especially for a CPU. When picking a processor, we should pay a little more attention; whether we talk about AMD or Intel, the processor is a computing system’s most fundamental component. It plays all the necessities for your rig. There was a time when AMD broke all the reputable records and fabricated ultra-durable and highly potent processors.

But we are aware that every user has some competitive requirements, which they broaden while selecting the most exemplary processor. If we look after the clear difference between AMD and Intel, AMD is much better than Intel’s performance, but Intel breaks the barrier with conventional processors. Intel’s processors have the potential to deliver high-edge qualities. They have been built with the Rocket Lake architecture and are accountable for impressive frame rates. These are the most stunning processors and can be the best of the time. The Intel processors have been manufactured according to high instructions per clock and definitive high speeds, which keeps it high in the rivalry with AMD.

We would not say that AMD loses the market, but Intel leads the market with top-notch processors and is considered the most satisfactory or best option for gaming. They have been offering the Intels Comet Lake-S and Cascade Lake-X with incredible performance and are winning the hearts of the gamers with their advanced technologies. We have shrugged with some essential tips that will reduce your research time for a compatible processor.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Here are some points you would get help to go through before purchasing a processor.

Cache: The cache data is constantly rolling the instructions between the RAM and CPU. It also sets the benchmark by keeping fast access to the data. The streamers would discover the three spectacular cache data frequently stated as L1, L2, and L3. The L1 is one of the fastest, L2 is moderate, while the last one, L3, is highly voluminous. Although they set the benchmarks, they still have some disown abilities like the cramped L1, sluggish L3, and the unperceptive L2 keeps a little trouble. But it is not the most vital component. You need to check on other factors, most importantly.

TDP: The stock speed is usually the most comprehensive factor directed by the users. But above that, the amount of heat generated due to these speeds is the catchy point. We need to consider the fact that higher TDP collapses with higher speed performance. In general low TDP is encouraged by the users as it allows the processor to dwell well in performance. If a processor accounts for higher speeds, it will pour more heat. So consider the processor carefully it will clear the path for you to choose the most suitable CPU cooler and PSU for juice.

Threads: Now, the criteria of proficiency have been changed. If a processor has multi-threads, it will allow multiple tasks to be performed at once with smoothness. Isn’t it interesting? AMD jumps into the competition with simultaneous multithreading while Intel keeps the high time with Hyper-Threading. It means both manufacturers can enhance the performance by keeping the multi-tasks on the high edge, and as a result, heavily threaded apps create a new storm for video editing and transcodes.

Cores: It is usually considered that the higher number of cores is more significant and will increase the performing efficiency of the processors. A processor has some helpers in the form of embedded processors or a processor with many small processors. The number ranges between 4 to 8 cores for the predecessor processors, while the modern processors are at a high time of 2 to 64 cores. It means more significant the number of cores, to perform higher tasks, and efficiency will increase.

Best Intel Processors for Gaming at a glance:

  1. Intel Core i9-11900K
  2. Intel Core i7-11700K
  3. Intel Core i5-11600K
  4. Intel Core i7 10700K
  5. Intel Core i9 10900K
  6. Intel Core i5-10600K
  7. Intel Core i7 9700K
  8. Intel Core i9 9900K

The Best Intel Processors for Gaming You Can Buy Today

Intel Core i9-11900K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i9-11900K

Best Premium Intel Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Rocket Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 8/16 | Base Frequency: 3.50GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 5.30GHz | TDP: 125W


32 Execution Units

Thermal Velocity Boost

Intel Optane Memory Support


No stock cooler included

No Software Guard Extensions

A high-end processor is such a compulsory part of a highly efficient for a compatible gaming rig. Intel Core i9-11900K has played its position like a savior with LGA 1200 socket support. It is believed that gaming speeds are a significant heart problem for passionate gamers. They can avoid many factors but cannot slip over a slow-moving processor, which will upset their stamina. These processors are working fine on this purpose with the 5.30GHz gaming boost speeds. However, it falls with the 8/16 cores and threads, which is a sign of excellence for these processors. The smart cache data of 16MB cannot be the most impressive feature for these processors. However, It is a good addition.

There are plenty of reasons to announce the magnificence for the processors like the PCIe 4.0 support and the TDP of 125W, which is not so impressive as higher TDP means higher heat dissipation. Still, you can tackle the problem carefully with a powerful cooling system. It is designed for the 4K gaming in keeping the view of the notion of a streamer. These processors have high affinity, and that’s why it is considered the best premium Intel processor for gaming which is flooded with the brilliant Rocket Lake architecture. We will pass it to the hands of the eager user so that they may not fall in their expectations for a snacky processor.

Intel Core i7-11700K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i7-11700K

Best Intel Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Rocket Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 8/16 | Base Frequency: 3.60GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 5.00GHz | TDP: 125W


Triple display support

Max memory size of 128GB

Intel Clear Video HD Technology


No ECC memory support

No embedded options are available

Intel Core i7-11700K has appeared on the cycle of continuous struggles of the gamers. These processors are best manufactured with an outstanding boost speed of 5.00GHz. There is an excessive struggle among the users and processors as they want higher cores, fast speeds, and exceptional performance in one processor. Finally, these processors appear to be the hope of the users. If we talk about the display, they will not upset you as triple display support is on the way to down the users. The high memory of 128GB is the attractive feature of these processors because you do not need to lose the data for better performance. There is another thing that dual memory channels have an outsized role in the skyful working of these processors.

In this era of competition, the hardest one will win the battle because there must be one specification that beats all the previous dignified processors. The Intel UHD graphics cards have immensely played a part in the improvement of the graphical effects. There is a reason to call out this processor as the best Intel processor for gaming as it has more cores and threads and helps a user multitask at once, just like a flow of cream above a surface. We cannot recreate the concept of lousy gaming results. Overall it is high on the demand of the users and sets specific benchmarks with throttling and horrible performance.

Intel Core i5-11600K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i5-11600K

Best Budget-Friendly Intel Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Rocket Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 6/12 | Base Frequency: 3.90 GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.90GHz | TDP: 125W


Dual memory channels

Intel InTru 3D Technology

1.30GHz Max Dynamic Frequency


No Turbo Max Technology

No Thermal Velocity Boost

The 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processors have been manufactured specifically for competitive gaming users. We cannot neglect the horrible fact that a higher budget means a highly efficient product, but still, there is a narrow path for the users who set the more realistic budget. Intel Core i5-11600K stands among the thousand with 6 cores and 12 threads within a pocket-friendly budget. There are bundles of specifications that turn the users’ narrative that only high-priced processors lead the road. That’s why it fits as the best budget-friendly Intel processor for gaming. They deliver good gaming results and power boost performance with a base frequency of 3.90GHz.

There would arise a question: why would we use these processors when we have so many reasonable offers? Then the answer is straightforward. It delivers so many plus points within such a sophisticated budget that you can’t stop yourself from being spoiled. The dual memory support, 20 PCIe lanes, high overclocking, impressive architecture, 32GB graphics video max memory, and so many things keep the user’s head high. Yes, we admit that it does not include the thermal solutions, but it can be ok to tackle the harms when you have the cooling solutions. Otherwise, it is not a lousy barrier to cross. You will get through so many high possibilities with excellence in the gaming experience.

Intel Core i7 10700K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i7 10700K

Best Fastest Intel Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Comet Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 8/16 | Base Frequency: 3.80GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 5.10GHz | TDP: 125W


64-bit instruction set

Powered by Intel OS guard

Stable Image Platform Program


A high-end cooling solution required

No Transactional Synchronization Extensions

Intel Core i7 10700K with the Comet Lake architecture and 8/16 cores and threads is the best 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. Subsequently, these processors have many embracing qualities, which urges the one to praise the manufacturers. It is considered the best Intel processor for gaming with the fastest gaming speeds. Perhaps the 5.10GHz gaming speeds are the ultimate reason for the fame of these processors. On the other hand, it is designed with proper check and balance of the security system such as the Security Key, OS Guard, and Boost Guard, which monitor the functions of the processor so the high-end results would deliver. It has been drawn as the finest choice for the users.

It is no doubt the best fastest Intel processor for gaming with its reliable performance and attractive fabrication. However, the cache data of 16MB is still better than the predecessors, which can be fluent in working. The power of a processor has been discovered through the kind of results it delivers to the gaming rig. Like it provides fast results, clear video technology, and precise video HD technology all have the vision to offer commendable visual effects. We would ask the users to go through the gaming speeds and find how it will raise you in the fast gaming experiences. You have to kick yourself a bit higher in the gaming world to achieve real-world experiences for yourself and your gaming partners.

Intel Core i9 10900K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i9 10900K

Best Flagship Intel Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Comet Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 10/20 | Base Frequency: 3.70GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 5.30GHz | TDP: 125W


VR ready

4K gaming at 60Hz

Intel Trusted Execution Technology


No PCIe 4.0 compatible

It gets heated under heavy loads

It is the best flagship Intel processor for gaming with ultimate solutions for gaming and performance. Whenever we chase a processor, we step down for a few features and do not compromise on the others. These processors have set a mark within the gaming world with higher gaming boost frequencies of 5.30GHz and leave a charm for enthusiastic gamers. It has higher speeds and other commendable features at the top of the list, like the 20MB of cache data, which is much better than the previous one. The dual memory support, 12 DirectX support, 4.5 OpenGL support, and many other technologies keep the users’ passion high. Intel Core i9 10900K is the most acceptable option for the present-day user.

On a general note, it is stated that these processors do not troll the undignified qualities. The 16 PCIe express lanes and 64-bit instruction set with many other significant roles serve as the best Intel processor for gaming. Yes, there is an issue that it is only compatible with the Intel 400 series chipsets and lacks the PCIe 4.0 interface. That’s okay, as if you join it with the 400 series chipset, it will only raise your gaming standard as the combination would be a good blast. The 128GB memory and triple display have aimed to service excellence. You just need to combine it with your PC for ultimate results. These processors will create ease in the flow of multiple tasks performed with higher efficiency.

Intel Core i5-10600K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i5-10600K

Intel's Best Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Comet Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 6/12 | Base Frequency: 4.10GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.80GHz | TDP: 125W


Intel UHD Graphics 630

Perform multi-tasks effortlessly

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology


No Demand-Based Switching

No Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0

It’s a familiar term that a gamer needs to build a most compatible gaming system. Intel Core i5-10600K performs its tasks with magnificent specifications and tolerance that no path is left behind for the users other than the chase of these processors. Anonymously it is the best Intel processor for gaming, with the fastest gaming speeds of 4.80GHz. We all know that a gamer will never confine itself to a particular area as they want to perform many tasks simultaneously, even with a clearer perspective. These processors arrived with a sufficient number of cores to deliver multiple tasks at once without any hectic input. These 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processors have 64GB graphics memory and UHD graphics 630 support which keeps the graphical effect attractive and worth featuring.

The typical conversation begins when you need to look for some apprehend processors like fast speeds, higher cores, amenable frequencies, and plenty of technologies for a comparative strong gaming effect. It is Intel’s best processor for gaming which fulfills all the significant norms set by the users. The 4k gaming support with a 60Hz frequency keeps the standard of streamers a bit high among many other well-known builds. In short, it is all aimed for a better version and future of the users with fine-tuning and overclocking abilities. The cache data of 12MB is not much satisfactory than the rivals, but as the cache data does not affect the processor’s performance, the user can compromise in this manner.

Intel Core i7 9700K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i7 9700K

Best Mid-Price Intel Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Coffee Lake | Socket: LGA1151 | Cores/Threads: 8/8 | Base Frequency: 3.60GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.90GHz | TDP: 95W


Software Guard Extensions

Intel vPro Platform Eligibility

Transactional Synchronization Extensions


No Integrated memory controller

No Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

It is one of the remarkable processors present on the stage with sophisticated price tags. A user stands on the boundary of whether he or she should go with the higher prices or choose the budget-friendly processor with a set of highly compatible specifications. It has the options in the best mid-price Intel processor for gaming with an excellent TDP 95W. It is the most differentiating point between the Intel Core i7 9700K and other high-range processors. As a result of this TDP, it successfully attains specific standards in keeping the processor stable and performs its tasks with all accuracy. These 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processors have a highly desirable socket of LGA1151 which is much more immersive than many other leading sockets due to practical compatibility.

The most exciting fact is that it is not machine-specific, due to which a user is not bound to a particular set of motherboards. They can fulfill their desires of high gaming experiences with any attached system. Yet there are excellent options like the DDR4-2666 memory support, triple-display, incredible Coffee Lake architecture, 14nm Lithography, and many other options which keep these processors one step closer to efficiency. It is one of the most acceptable processors with an equal number of cores and threads like 8/8, and that’s why it lacks Hyper-Threading technology. Overall it suits all the gamers in overclocking and immersive built-up. We will recommend moving towards these processors for high-end gaming perspectives.

Intel Core i9 9900K (Image credit: Amazon)

Intel Core i9 9900K

Best Mid-Range Intel Processor for Gaming


Architecture: Coffee Lake | Socket: LGA1151 | Cores/Threads: 8/16 | Base Frequency: 3.60GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 5.00GHz | TDP: 95W


Unlocked for overclocking

Thermal Monitoring Technologies

Multiple Instruction Set Extensions


No Streaming SIMD Extensions

No Intel QuickPath Interconnect

Intel Core i9 9900K is the most incredible and ultra-durable option for all kinds of streamers and gamers. With the fastest overclocking speeds and 5.00GHz boost frequency, these processors startle you with real-world gaming experiences to soothe your soul and passion for the gaming world. It has every incredible thing, from Intel Optane memory support to 16 threads. We can state that it is the best Intel processor for gaming, with a higher bandwidth of 41.6Gb/s and 128GB memory size. Another captivating point is that these processors are built with the solid thermal interface material for safe heat transmission from the processor to bring more astonishing and smooth cooling effects.

It is targeted as the best mid-range Intel processor for gaming with all the competitive specifications. A system usually bounces to a higher level when it has every attached component in the perfect role. A processor is the most vital part of a gaming rig that needs to be highly supported for the system, and amazingly, these processors know how to serve hardcore gamers and their gaming requirements. These processors do not include the fan and heatsink, but STIM can perform its supportive cooling effect. We will recommend you throw your money on these processors, and they will not set you down in disappointments. The Coffee Lake architecture is the unique bringing feature of these processors.


Choosing a suitable processor always requires a challenge; why is it important to pick a high-end processor? The answer is straightforward: gaming speeds, efficiency, upgraded performance, and multitasking depend upon an exemplary processor. Intel brings the list of the best Intel gaming processors, protecting you from harvesting ample research over remarkable processors. Many superficial specifications include the astonishing unlocked overclocking, the Comet Lake, or Coffee Lake architecture with massive specifications and technologies. This reliable performance makes them a high-time selection for the enthusiastic gamers and their gaming standards.

Intel and AMD are two leading contenders. Usually, with good cores and threads, Intel leads a bit higher with gaming processors. In this buying guide, we have listed almost every best Intel processor for gaming. These processors are the ultimate legacy with the 14nm lithography, and prominent boost frequencies range from 3.60GHz to 5.10GHz in many processors. To snatch the crown of compatible gaming, these processors bring more proficiency and legacy. Yes, we will agree that the higher speeds result in higher dissipation. The lack of embedded thermal solution spotlights the issue but is solved with a highly compatible cooling solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is i5 good for gaming?

Definitely, Intel Core i5 is an excellent choice for gamers. It provides heavy gaming, fast speeds, and satisfactory graphics results without bottlenecking. It is a high-edge opportunity for the streamers who chase for the performance. You can look at Intel Core i5-10600K as an excellent processor for gaming. On the other hand, if you go for Intel Core i7, it is even more astonishing than the Core i5 processor. It’s all about your absolute processor choice for gaming.

Is Intel still better for gaming?

Intel is not the only choice for gaming. However, many Intel’s processors like the Intel Core i7 9700K have been a good choice for savvy gamers. Intel generates processors from 4 to 18 cores, but AMD has crossed the path with competitive 32 cores, which are much higher than Intel’s processor. But in terms of performance, Intel is still giving a tough time to its competitor.

What type of processor is good for gaming?

It all depends upon the gamer and its gaming requirements. Usually, a processor with 8GB RAM is considered a mark of excellence for gamers. You can go for i5 processors, i7 processors, and i9 processors. Every next core level has a smoother gaming performance. You can choose Intel Core i7 10700K, which has balanced and incredible gaming performance.

What is the best processor for gaming 2020?

Intel is here with all its blessing to boost your gaming adventures with Intel Core i9 10900K, the fastest processor. You may not feel restrictions and limitations while playing the latest games at your Core i9 based PC as it is designed on future-proof technologies and some impressive specs and features to save your investment.