Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

Are you looking for rapid and accurate keystrokes during your intense and exciting gaming? You must’ve been very bothered by your old keyboard with buggy software and wiggly keys. High-quality keyboards with fancy features can alleviate all your worries. Every latest low profile mechanical keyboard in the market is ready to boost your gaming with its immense features. They are durable and sturdy, which increases their lifespan. They bear the wear and tear pretty quickly. You can customize these keyboards as much as you want to; they enable you to enjoy your system to its peak.

Why prefer low profile gaming keyboards over regular ones? Well, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this comparison. Mechanical keyboards are far better in many ways. They do cost a little more due to the additional components and extra features each key can perform. Nevertheless, they provide more comfy touch and swift typing speeds without traumatizing your wrist muscles. To a pleasant surprise, you can opt for a low-profile keyboard that costs significantly less and lacks instead essential features. They come with a few fancy ones too, and the design is exclusively aesthetic. The up-to-the-minute switches and software add to their inspiring specifications.

A low profile gaming keyboard gives quick responses and sturdy build quality. Gamers, programmers, typists, and others with jobs involving typing have their own needs and requirements. They have added modern features like RGB lightning; they include volume rollers, which help the user jump to any volume level efficiently without searching for the right key. There is a low-profile mechanical keyboard for each person, depending on the price tag and brand. For those wanting quicker and errorless typing, tactile feedback of these low-profile mechanical keyboards works wonders. Let’s dive deeper into the topic so you can easily choose the best product.

Quick Shopping Tips

RGB: If you are a fan of RGB lighting, make sure that you don’t miss out on it while choosing a keyboard. It gives a pleasing look to the keyboard. You can customize it as well. It’s alright if you prefer a single color light, but that isn’t going to give you the best aesthetics. However, if you are a touch typist or don’t like RGB, you can save some money for other upgrades. But be sure to work or play games in a well-lit room.

Switches: Mechanical keyboards vary a lot when it comes to switches. Switches of different types give a unique sound and feel of their own. The user’s preference might differ according to his choice of sound and the sense it proffers. Switches play a crucial role in improving gaming and typing speed and enable you to achieve the competitive edge you desire. They decide how noisy your board is going to be.

Build quality: Here we go again with the quality thingy. The build quality does matter, and it should not be neglected while purchasing any PC output component specifically for keyboards. The low-profile keyboards are easier to clean; however, they are less stable and durable. But the high-profile ones, on the other hand, are very reliable and are immune to the stress and rough usage while gaming. They provide a better typing experience.

Programmability and software: Programmability allows you to modify the default duties of the keys to the ones you choose. You can allot specific tasks and behaviors to keys, making the system further customized and easier to deal with, interesting, right? The high-end software enhances the customization even more and lets you control RGB and other factors. Make sure to spend your money on a keyboard that has these features.

Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards at a glance:

  1. HAVIT Mechanical keyboard
  2. Logitech G915
  3. IKBC typemaster X400
  4. Cooler Master SK 650
  5. Redragon K589 Shrapnel RGB
  7. Logitech G815 RGB
  8. Cooler Master SK621

The Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards You Can Buy Today

HAVIT Mechanical keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

HAVIT Mechanical keyboard

Best TKL Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: Kailh PG1350 Blue / Red Switch | Backlight: RGB / LED, Customizable | Type: Wired | Dimensions: 13.94 x 5.02 x 0.89 Inches | Weight: 1200g


N-key rollover

Fully-programmable keys

Slim, sleek, and lightweight


No wrist rest included

No dedicated Num Lock button

HAVIT Mechanical keyboard is something unique. When it comes to keyboards, it’s hard to expect much at a mediocre price. But this Best TKL Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard proves this notion wrong and provides all the essential and additional features at an affordable price tag. This low-profile keyboard has it all for typers and gamers. Full pragamibility and sleek design are some of the most impressive features which it has to offer. As for gamers, this keyboard gives a perfectly comfortable usage with high responsiveness. For a seamless experience at an economical price, this product is highly recommended. It keeps your system look organized as it is compact and slim.

However, not being wireless and lacking multimedia buttons are some of its setbacks. It’s a bit louder than others but considering its customizability; you can’t complain much. Build quality, if not the best, is pretty durable. The alloy used for its manufacturing allows it to withstand rough and intense gaming. It is portable, thus adding another reason to buy it. Annoyed by the displacement of the keyboard during gaming, aren’t you? Rubber pads on the bottom of this keyboard will assist in keeping it in place. This keyboard keeps things simple and graceful. And above all, it is widely available, so it is not much of a worry about finding it.

Logitech G915 (Image credit: Amazon)

Logitech G915

Best Wireless Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: Logitech GL | Backlight: Per-key RGB | Type: Wireless | Dimensions: 18.7 x 5.9 x 0.9 Inches | Weight: 118g


Extended battery life

Dedicated media control

Pro-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless


No pass-through port

Non-dust-proof design

So you’d rather want a keyboard with exquisite design? Logitech G915 has the most you can get on hand when finding the best low profile mechanical keyboard. The battery life of this product is excitingly good. It can go on days with just a single charge. The Best Wireless Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard award was always bound to belong to this product. It costs a little more than others of such capabilities, but the warranty says it all about its durability. The error-free typing you can have with this board is indeed commendable; what’s more? You won’t suffer from pains and aches even with its lack of wrist rest. It provides a comfortable experience.

The company has gone above and beyond to make this product the most suitable low-profile gaming keyboard for those finding low profile gaming keyboards. The responsive switches help the user have the best gaming experience. They provide incredibly tactile feedback. The gamers wouldn’t be surprised since the brand has always offered the world’s top-class peripherals in every range. The click latency is found below, which is another excellent possession of this board. aim for an uncluttered gaming setup, this is the peripheral that speaks out loud to be the one you’d love the most.

IKBC typemaster X400 (Image credit: Amazon)

IKBC typemaster X400

Best LED Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: Cherry MX Low Profile Red | Backlight: White LED | Type: Wired | Dimensions: 13.68 x 5.74 x 1.42 Inches | Weight: 1478g


Switch triggers smoothly

Various Cherry MX switches

Keyboard password setting layout


Over-sensitive keys

No liquid-proof design

IKBC typemaster X400 is made of premium quality plastic. The company provides the buyer with multiple accessories, and even the packaging is nice-looking with a matte finish. The height is pretty comfortable even without a wrist rest. Coming towards the features, you have access to adjust the backlight brightness according to your own choice. The 87 keys it offers are all good-looking and good to work with, plus, the touch is very responsive, which is splendid. It earnestly gains the title of the Best LED Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard. One of the major pros is that it is not clicky at all, a bit older, but that’s entirely among the normal sound ranges.

The keycaps aren’t textured and ain’t that great. The password thing is sure attractive, but it is accessible, and dustproof easily bypassed is a bitter fact. The company isn’t very widely recognized and is almost a newbie in this industry. But the customer services they provide deserve praise. They respond timely and solve queries regarding the product. This keyboard gives peace of mind to the buyer as they can easily approach for assistance. Love it or not, but the buttons are of a little different size, which might be troublesome to some users, but others might adore that innovation.

Cooler Master SK 650 (Image credit: Amazon)

Cooler Master SK 650

Best Slim Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: Cherry MX | Backlight: RGB | Type: Wired | Dimensions: 16.93 x 4.92 x 0.98 Inches | Weight: 629g


User-friendly software

Compact & smooth design

RGB backlighting & lightbar


No tilt adjustment option

No dedicated media features

Some people don’t want tons of extra features and a rich look when it comes to keyboards. Gaming keyboards are rather broad and bulky and have features that often don’t matter but add to cost. Some people go with a keyboard with just the right quantity of features and has a compact design that can fit their restricted workspace. That makes it the Best Slim Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard. Cooler Master SK 650 is precisely that type. The brand has excluded the extra features, but nothing stops this keyboard from being the most compatible. It has a compact design, an elegant look, and all the top-end yet necessary features.

This low profile keyboard lacks the bells and whistles a keyboard would have at this price tag, but the design and features will make you desperately want it. You can carry it with you while on a work trip or a holiday, thanks to its lightweight and removable USB cable. It might not be the best option for enthusiast gamers; however, every gamer, from beginners to a-bit-above-average ones, is sure to have it on their wishlist. And what a pleasant twist of RGB it gives, indeed! The warranty is quite satisfying as well. In a nutshell, this keyboard is a miracle for those who want the best for a few bucks.

Redragon K589 Shrapnel RGB (Image credit: Amazon)

Redragon K589 Shrapnel RGB

Best Budget Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: OUTEMU red | Backlight: RGB customizable | Type: Wired | Dimensions: 17.5 x 6.3 x 1.3 Inches | Weight: 1147g


Water and dust-proof

Ultra-fast Input with 0 Conflict

Programmable Macro Function


It doesn’t have batteries

No CD software included

Redragon K589 Shrapnel RGB is for all those who have unprecedented demands for a keyboard. With a sturdy and admirable build, this low profile mechanical keyboard offers a decent design. If not entirely silent, this keyboard isn’t noisy as well. Its noise level is pretty acceptable, or say it isn’t annoying at all. So for the typists who prefer to work in a calm environment, we won’t hesitate, not even a tiny bit, to suggest this product. The brand of these low profile gaming keyboards is not top-notch, not yet, but it’s pretty remarkable for its affordable products. The design keeps dust out of the range; thus, you have another worry off your chest.

The anti-ghosting feature of this board had us stunned. Plus, the exceptionally customizable RGB was bliss at such a moderate price. No wonder it is the Best Budget Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard. It leaves you no worries of wiggly or unreliable keys. It is an excellent choice for the gamers and not to mention the non-gamers too. Along with all the positive points, It comes with a few negative ones too. Its software is not quite up-to-the-minute. They might feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable at first. Unfortunately, it is not very durable. But for the time it serves you, it guarantees the best. Quick responsiveness is notable too.

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Mid-tier Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: CHERRY MX | Backlight: RGB | Type: Wired | Dimensions: 17.24 x 6.61 x 1.14 Inches | Weight: 1250g


Windows key lock mode

High-quality aluminum frame

Soft-touch wrist rest included


No USB Type-C port

Lacks dedicated macro keys

If Corsair sounds like a new name to you, you might be new to computer things or still in the sixteenth century. They manufacture all sorts of technical stuff, and every product is a class in itself. CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE is a low profile keyboard from this brand that has exciting flairs for all kinds of users ranging from an office worker to a zesty gamer. None of them would regret it, that’s for sure. The wrist rest feature of this board helps get through with tedious work without straining oneself. How can we exclude the volume wheel from this brief description? It is so much of a joy to have an extra thing like that.

This keyboard has all the qualities to award being the Best Mid-tier Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard. Its innovative design might abash rival products. The aluminum build instead of plastic gives this board a classy and gorgeous look and feel. Since perfection is almost unattainable, this product has a few things about which we’d like to be nitpicky. It has minor improvements over predecessors, and the price difference is noticeably much. Then the keys are a bit stiff, and that might cause trouble. Considered a bit on the pricier side, though, this low profile mechanical keyboard has made its way to the list of top-quality and the best keyboards out there.

Logitech G815 RGB (Image credit: Amazon)

Logitech G815 RGB

Best High-end Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: Logitech GL | Backlight: RGB | Type: Wired | Dimensions: 18.7 x 5.9 x 0.9 Inches | Weight: 1145g


Five programmable G-keys

Minimalist & ultra-thin design

USB pass-through port included


No rubber dome switches

Edgeless volume controller

Here comes the savior for those who are sick of low quality peripherals. Logitech G815 RGB is an outstanding addition in the peripherals, which are worth purchasing. The RGB lights on each key will add flair to your gaming and spice things up. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Best High-end Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard award is well-deserved by this product. While typing with utmost speed and rage, the noise is almost unnoticeable. This keyboard is wired and has various options for switches. The switch type solely belongs to the brand. It might be a pro or a con since compared to the Cherry MX switches, this switch has a long way to go to prove itself worthy. But it hasn’t shown any less performance so far.

None other competes with it when it comes to gaming with this product; however, the results with typing are not the same. Typing can be a little challenging at first, as keys can stumble a bit. But they’ll go butter-smooth with your typing style with a bit of practice and patience. The software used is simple and easy and makes things uncomplicated even for a basic user. Honestly, it doesn’t have a catchy and royal look. But it slew the parameters of a minimalist look. With its price being a little fancy, this product is not favored by everyone but proves to be the best decision ever made3 by those who go for it.

Cooler Master SK621 (Image credit: Amazon)

Cooler Master SK621

Best 60% Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


Switches: Cherry MX | Backlight: per-key RGB | Type: wireless | Dimensions: 11.54 x 4 x 1.15 Inches | Weight: 424g


On-the-fly system

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

Cherry MX Low Profile switches


Bumpy keycaps

No dedicated Fn key

Cooler Master SK621 is a masterpiece that blows its rivals away with its premium design and feature set. Considering all aspects, it is the best low profile keyboard. The exquisite feature set and compact size make it travel-friendly. It will let you have the pleasure of working with the tiniest and the most innovative keyboard along with some extravagant qualities such as low profile yet mesmerizingly attractive Cherry MX switches. It provides a tidy room for you to work without making a mess of keys. The slim keycaps give a responsive touch and adorn its design. Robust build quality with high-end materials and on-the-fly controls make it win the Best 60% Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard award. Plus, the design is unique to this renowned brand.

The software suite of this keyboard could use some improvements. The keys might also give a little bit of an unnatural feeling in the beginning to some. Some keys are placed differently, which can frustrate you a bit, but as you get to know this little monster, you’d love the performance. RGB lightening of this low profile mechanical keyboard enables you to have endless customization. Rubber feet keep it fixed where it is supposed to be and provide ease. All in all, this mechanical keyboard is no less than a fortune for most users.


Mechanical keyboards are in vogue these days. Made as an experimental product for the gamers out there, it has now become a must-have. It’s not something that you need, but something that you want. Earlier, only gamers tended to use it, but now everyone does. Ranging from the craziest of gamers to average users, everyone is head over heels for it. And above all that, you can have 9it for a very moderate price tag these days. That said, it’s not like you will go all broke to buy a mechanical keyboard. But this poses the question of how and where to find the most suitable low profile mechanical keyboard, which has all the needed features?

The answer is right here as undoubtedly; the most affordable yet impressive product is Logitech G915. But what to choose if you want something pocket-friendly? The best option is the HAVIT Mechanical keyboard. It enables you to have programmability and customization and in a great price tag indeed! And if you want a product at the cost of a low profile keyboard while with specifications of high-profile ones, go with the Cooler Master SK621, or else, the well-known Logitech G815 RGB is a great option. It all depends upon your choice now, So pal! Be lucky to have the one you fancied the most all along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are low profile mechanical keyboards better?

It’s hard to compare the low-profile keyboards to the high-profile ones since they differ significantly. But low-profile keyboards have the advantage of not being too pricey and with a touch of all great features which means they offer everything to all sorts of features. If you research a bit before making a purchase, you won’t have to sacrifice the build quality, features, or looks. Nope! None of it your keyboard would lack. Cooler Master SK621 is the perfect example. And if you want to spend a little less, CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE is something divine!

What is low profile keyboard?

Low-profile keyboards are a bit shorter in height and cut a bit short on features. They come in all sorts of designs, types, and specifications depending upon the brand you choose. They don’t lack the basic features, though. IKBC typemaster X400 is one of the most recommendable low profile boards with a most affordable price tag and less famous yet one of the most cooperative brands. This keyboard offers tremendous things to love about it and provides outstanding customer care in case of an issue.

What is the smallest mechanical keyboard?

HAVIT Mechanical keyboard is the smallest and compact keyboard out of all others. It is designed to provide all the essential features along with some fancy ones. It keeps things easy for the user, and the desk looks tidy as well. These low profile mechanical keyboards have fantastic assets contained in a tiny body. Plus, the build quality is sturdy enough to handle rough usage during intense tasks.

What is a low profile switch?

Low-profile switches differ from the usual ones in many ways as they are smaller in size and shorter in height. They require a bit of practice but the short travel distance and quick responses they provide are magnificently impressive. They give a slippery but smooth feel, so with a bit of practice and time spent, you’ll not only become accustomed to them, you might prefer them over normal ones. Logitech G915 is a low-profile keyboard with the best low profile switches.