Best Motherboards for Ryzen 9 5950X

AMD’s Zen architecture has been around since 2017. It was designed from scratch to offer exemplary performance and efficiency that we did not see before. AMD managed to use this architecture effectively for both its desktop and laptop consumers. Zen 3, the latest iteration in the Zen family, is reshaped to improve efficiency, enhance single-core performance and gaming prowess. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X ( Amazon ) is the king of the gaming arena with a massive 16 cores and 32 threads. When combined with the best motherboard for 5950X, it is known to surpass 5GHz clock speed on a stock config that is the epitome of AMDs craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Ryzen 5000 series are the speediest processors out there that are equally suitable for content creators, designers, and gamers. AMD has managed this feat by restructuring the cores linked with cache resulting in the fastest access times and almost zero latency. IPC (Instructions per cycle) is improved 19% while the efficiency is 24% more than the previously Zen 2 CPUs due to its smaller 7nm chipset. The aptitude required to handle a massively powerful 5950X isn’t a job for a run-of-the-mill motherboard. We have shortlisted a few best-suited motherboards for this beast but first, let us discuss some essential buying tips to understand what you are getting into fully. These quick shopping tips will help you find the best Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Build Quality: Building a premium rig with a flagship CPU like Ryzen 5950X must entail a superior build motherboard that doesn’t break under enormous loads. The money you spend on the motherboard with high-quality components will pay for itself in the long run and provide you with peace of mind during extreme loads and years to come. Superior PCB, reinforced slots, and I/O shields are ways to improve motherboard quality.

CPU Overclocking: With a processor like the 5950X, it isn’t a surprise that one would want to overclock it to boost its performance in designing/gaming, or an enthusiast would want to do it just for the thrill of achieving the highest clock. Either way, it is a must-have functionality for high-end CPUs to be used for demanding jobs.

Memory Overclocking: When you wish for the moon, you shouldn’t stop at the stars. In comparison, while building a top-performing rig, every feature matters. The memory overclocking ability has an overall effect on system improvement, and also it allows you to cater for future expansions without paying for the whole build every time. Memory overclocking is a premium feature only found in X series chipset motherboards, and the latest is the X570 chipset.

Storage: Storage optionality has diversified over the years with the addition of SATA SSDs and NVMe M.2 to the hard drive market saturated with SATA hard drives. The newer M.2 drivers are faster, maintenance-free, and long-lasting than standard hard drives. It is a must-have for games and people intending on speedier system speed.

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 9 5950X at a glance:

  1. Asus ROG Strix X570-E
  5. ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi)
  7. Gigabyte B550M AORUS PRO-P
  8. ASUS ROG STRIX X570-I Gaming

The Best Motherboards for Ryzen 9 5950X You Can Buy Today

Asus ROG Strix X570-E (Image credit: Amazon)

Asus ROG Strix X570-E

Best Premium Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+4 Phases | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 19 | Warranty: 3 Years


Super-fast Wi-Fi 6

4400 MHZ memory OC

Superior overclocking support


No Thunderbolt 4

Price on the higher side

To make the most of your Ryzen CPUs, one should select the best Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X. ASUS ROG Strix X570-E is without a doubt one of those choices that will never let you down. It is one of the better-performing motherboards from ASUS that almost touches the enthusiast market with its top performance and state-of-the-art features.

The motherboard offers a twin PCIe 4.0 that is fully secured and strengthened with ASUS SafeSlot technology. ROG Strix is the best premium motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X due to its 64Gbps PCI lane speed and faster M.2 slots due to PCIe 4.0 integration. The 16 stage VRM can offer extreme loading and an enlarged heatsink to achieve optimum thermal profile. 

The BIOS, when flashed for 5000 series processors, cannot be used for 2000 Ryzen CPUs, though you won’t be using both of them at the same time. Right below the massive 6 SATA ports lies the LED indicator (Q-code) used for diagnostic purposes. The memory overclocking is allowed till 4600MHz for enormous performance boosts. Overall, Strix 570-E is a powerful motherboard with numerous premium features like WIFI-6 and USB3 recommended for tweakers and power users.

GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Flagship Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+2 | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 19 | Warranty: 3 Years


Audio Noise Guard

Q-Flash for BIOS flashing

Advanced Heatsink with Enlarge Heatsink


No USB3.2 gen 2x2 port

No NVidia dual GPU support

Suppose you want the highest frames in your games and top-end performance in every task you throw at it without paying the exorbitant price. In that case, you should check out our recommendation for the best flagship motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X, namely, GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE. It has all the needed functionality, such as twin PCIe 4.0 x16 slots, dual M.2 options, and competent VRM to deliver its famous flagship performance.

The cost, even though small, comes at the price of fewer premium attributes and a lack of extras. Even though PCIe slots are multiple, the dual GPU support is limited to Crossfire and not extended to SLI, and the Ethernet is only a single port gigabit LAN. But the rest of the story is all positive and enough to satisfy most people needing a Ryzen 9 5950X motherboard with top-of-the-line VRM and robust design.

Gigabyte has focused primarily on the thermal efficiency, performance, and reliability of this board. Thermals are enhanced by installing thicker and larger MOSFET heatsinks, innovative chipset cooling with Fan Control. The overall performance is improved astoundingly with a thicker 2X PCB for improved overclocking, enhanced thermal efficiency, and lower resting temperatures. At the same time, reliability is ensured by employing superior quality components. Aorus Elite is a well-thought-out recommendation for overclockers and performance users.

ASUS PRIME X570-PRO (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Overall Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+2 Phases | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 15 | Warranty: 3 Years


Steel-clad expansion slots

Smooth and stable performance

Comprehensive controls for fans


No wireless connection

Fewer premium features

ASUS PRIME X570-PRO is a mid-range offering that is the best overall motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X resulting from its balanced attributes, features, and performance. It lies just above the TUF series in the food chain and is complimented on the robust design of TUF coupled with attractive design and improved features. The I/O heat shroud is a brushed aluminum cover with a glossy finish adding to the appeal.

The best motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X has comprehensive overclocking by a 14 stage VRM with DrMOS modules for the most stable and ripple-free output to the CPU. The M.2 slot is heat sink covered, but only one can have this provision at a time. ASUS improved the Graphic performance of this board by allowing three-way Crossfire and two-way SLI support; a feature only limited to top-end motherboards.

Asus Prime is a well-built, good-looking motherboard in a white color scheme. The PCIe 4.0 capability allows greater bandwidth for the latest GPUs and speedy data transfer with super fast v4.0 M.2 drives. Ethernet is single but capable, and Wi-Fi is non-existent, but USB 3.1 gen2 and gen1 ports are plenty. ASUS Optim Mem is provided for more accessible and extended memory, overclocking up to a whopping 5100 MHz. Overall it’s an excellent choice for mid-segment buyers bragging about appealing design, respectable performance, and functional features.

MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Enthusiast Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 8+2 Phases | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 16 | Warranty: 2 Years


Multiple cooling solutions

Server-grade PCB design

Diagnostic LEDs implanted


No USB 3.1 Gen2 ports

Few BIOS features are problematic

Ever wondered what an enthusiast-class board would be like if offered at a budget price? MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS is the answer. It is the best enthusiast motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X. Although it’s an entry-level enthusiast motherboard, the performance it imparts isn’t mediocre on account of twin PCIe 4.0 and dual GPU support (2-way Crossfire only), and its red & black looks are sophisticated and intriguing.

The thermal performance of VRMs is acceptable, if not exceptional. It has ample juice to cater for the flagship Ryzen CPUs up to a reasonable point; hence we ascertain it to be the best motherboard for 5950X in this price segment. The memory overclocking is on par with the CPU overclocking and can amplify the clock up to 4400 MHz without breaking a sweat. The 6 SATA storage slots are ample for most users, and quad M.2 slots support the 4.0 for faster speeds.

The rear panel looks clean and marginally featured, which is expected at this price range. Ethernet port is just one, but most USB3 ports such as gen2 and gen1 are available and sufficient to get by. MSI managed to squeeze in a premium Realtek NAHIMIC-3 audio codec for mesmerizing sound and a fully-featured tweaking software to enhance your experience. All in all, it is an entry-level enthusiast motherboard that is enough to get the job done.

ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) (Image credit: Amazon)

ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi)

Best Budget Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 12+2 Phases | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 13 | Warranty: 3 Years


Quick and easy BIOS

Military-grade TUF components

Hybrid fan headers and Fan Xpert 4


No gold plated audio jacks

All expansion slots cannot be populated

TUF motherboard family is famous due to their military-grade components and exceptional stability. For gamers wanting a budget series solid performer with ultra-durable build quality, ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (Wi-Fi) is the best budget motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X. This newest X570 motherboard has power delivery upgraded with DrMOS stages, and durability is increased by utilizing the highest quality components. 

The layout passes with black-themed components and right-angled lines that don’t look very intriguing, but performance is not hindered by design. The cooling strategy is simple and effective, that is, to cover everything heating up. The chipset also sports a cooling fan, and even the M.2 are heatsinked to aid thermal efficiency further. Customized thermal profiling is also supported via FAN XPERT4.

TUF X570 is the recommended Ryzen 9 5950X motherboard for mid-range gaming solutions because of its exceptional power stability delivered by 600A of juice supplied to CPU via 12 stages power module. Overclocking is achievable but limited on a higher core CPU like 5950X, but that won’t be needed on a mid-level gaming rig. The presence of dual 4.0 expansion slots promotes greater bandwidth than older generations and future-proof your gaming rig. TUF X570 is a budget gaming king with Studio-grade ultra-durable build quality.

MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI (Image credit: Amazon)


Best ATX Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 8+2 Phases | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 16 | Warranty: 2 Years


User-friendly interface

Twin M.2 PCIe 4.0 slots

Studio grade sound quality


No U.2 ports

Twin PCIe x16 slots

MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI is priced as a mid-range gaming motherboard that is often mistaken for a high-end motherboard owing to its superior design and extraordinary build quality. MPG X570 is the best ATX motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X as it fully supports the 5000 ryzen processors and features integrated PCIe 4.0 support on a chipset level. MSI has managed to fit in most functional features in this board that is not seen among this price segment.

Being the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X for gamers, it is expected to see solid VRM and cooling capability and gamic-centric features. The power delivery features an expanded heat sink and chipset gloats FROZR heatsink design renowned for its exceptional thermal efficacy. CPU overclocking is possible, but it would not provide any noticeable difference in performance in actual games. Similarly, memory overclocking is allowed up to 4400MHz but is effective up to 4266MHz.

The overall experience of this board on stock settings is unique, and games could be run efficiently up to 90+ FPS on 1080p without an issue. Nahimic audio chips, hi-speed USB3 ports, and quad M.2 slots complement the gaming experience. Mystic lights further improve the appeal and attractiveness of this already in-demand motherboard. The price is fully justified for this feature-rich motherboard and recommended for avid gamers.

Gigabyte B550M AORUS PRO-P (Image credit: Amazon)

Gigabyte B550M AORUS PRO-P

Best Micro-ATX Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD B550 | Form Factor: Micro ATX | Voltage Regulator: 10+2 Phases | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 12 | Warranty: 3 Years


Integrated I/O panel

Multiple Temperature Sensors

DisplayPort & HDMI for Multiple Display


No PCIe 2.0 slot

M.2 and GPU share bandwidth

As we enter the mainstream market, we find the B550 chipset to be satisfactorily capable for average users and intermittent gamers. GIGABYTE B550M AORUS PRO-P turned out to be the best Micro-ATX motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X among other contenders of the mainstream market. Even though it doesn’t have integrated PCIe 4.0 support on the chipset, it does have limited functionality via PCIe 4.0 integrated CPU like the Ryzen 3 CPUs.

Arous B550 is the best motherboard for 5950X for casual gaming. Although it is not recommended to push the CPU to the peak, the beefed-up 12 stages DrMOS delivery is there to get you a constant output to handle 5950X at stock settings easily and provide some room for overclocking. As the chipset supports limited RAM overclocking, we must rely on the CPU and GPU optimization for getting the best performance.

Aorus B550 doesn’t fall short on basic functionality as well as style. 2.5G Intel ethernet is ample for buttery smooth online gaming. Dual 3.0 M.2 connectors are present, but only one of them has a thermal guard. The solo expansion slot is armored for greater strength, while USB3 and thunderbolt ports meet consumer demands. For people looking for smaller low budget builds having ample performance for everyday tasks and then some, Aorus B550 should be the recommended choice.

ASUS ROG STRIX X570-I Gaming (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Mini-ITX Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X


Socket: AMD AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Form Factor: mini-ITX | Voltage Regulator: 8+2 Phases | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 12 | Warranty: 3 Years


Asus LAN guard for Ethernet

Automated system-wide tuning

Customizable Aura Sync RGBs


No onboard monitoring

Limitations in HDA bandwidth

If you are a regular PC builder, you would know how hard it is to find a high-performance mini ITX with a good overclocking facility. ASUS ROG STRIX X570-I Gaming is undoubtedly the Best Mini-ITX Motherboard for Ryzen 9 5950X targeted for gamers. Despite limited space on an ITX motherboard ASUS somehow squeezed in a 4.0 expansion slot, dual memory slots, and a 10 phase VRM to supply the processor.

As the recommended Ryzen 9 5950X motherboard for gaming, STRIX X570-I isn’t short on storage either. Despite restricted space, 02 heat spread M.2 slots give gamers fast load up optionality. 06 SATA ports are additionally provided to store games and your data. Wifi-6 and 2.5G ethernet has removed any fear of laggy online gaming and streaming.

ASUS is famous for providing trademark suites for tweakers and advanced users. The assisted overclocking ability, overall system tweaking, and customized thermal profiles are some of those premium suites to enhance system performance and efficiency. Additionally Hi-Fi audio codec from Supreme FX produces crystal clear and mesmerizing audio allowing you to immerse yourself in your game completely. Strix 570-I is a perfect example of a value-based compact gaming motherboard.


It is clear now that flagship CPUs like 5950X often require exceptional motherboards that fully comply with the latest PCIe standards to enjoy the performance they are meant to deliver thoroughly. Games are smoother and playable, even up to 4K resolution, when we equip the Ryzen 9 5950X motherboards once and for all. Thanks to its lower price and fantastic performance, the best flagship motherboard for the 5950X is GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE. It is a popular choice among hardcore gamers as it has decent phase delivery output and dual GPU support, including the AMD CrossfireX.

Similarly, suppose you want a gaming setup within a smaller rig and don’t mind the future expansion limitations imposed due to its smaller size. In that case, ASUS ROG STRIX X570-I Gaming is our favorite pick for mid-range gaming rig offering 4.0 chipset integration. Overclocking is easy and sturdy via 10 stage power delivery. For enthusiasts who want something within a reasonable amount, opt for the MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS motherboard with a consistent benchmark score resembling some high-end rigs. Its stylized RGB and premium design doesn’t look flimsy and adds charm to its design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which motherboard is best for Ryzen 9 5950X?

Ryzen 9 5950X is the latest AMD flagship with faster speed, lower latencies, and advanced features. It supports 4.0 and should be paired with a premium X570 motherboard with overclocking capability for total utilization. ASUS PRIME X570-PRO is the overall best motherboard for 5950X. Its premium looks, excellent performance to price ratio, and practical characteristics all tell a similar tale.

What motherboard do I need for Ryzen 9 5950X?

5950X is a Ryzen CPU that fits on an AM4 chipset. For mainstream users, the X570 chipset is overkill as it is intended for extreme performance. Gigabyte B550M AORUS PRO-P is a B550 general-purpose chipset motherboard with adequate capabilities and sufficient functionality. RAM overclocking is somewhat limited, but studio-grade adio performance, 2 M.2, and USB3 and thunderbolt ports make up for it.

Is X570 good for Ryzen 9 5950X?

X570 is the newest generation of the best performing AM4 chipset with upgraded power delivery, enhanced cooling design, and memory overclocking capability. If you don’t like to spend too much and want a functional X590 motherboard, ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) is recommended. It has the highest quality components among ASUS TUF motherboards.

What's the best Ryzen motherboard?

Asus ROG Strix X570-E is the most premium offering selected by our team and the best motherboard for Ryzen 5950X due to its optimum performing power delivery for extreme overclocking potential and most premium features. The fully packed I/O with plenty of super-speed USB3 ports and faster M.2 and 6 SATA slots makes it appealing for top gamers and enthusiasts.