Best Quiet PC Cases for Ultra-Silent PC Builds

People have different PC building preferences regarding design, aesthetics, cases, size, and RGB Lights; some people do not spend a lot of their budget on such things; they only demand tremendous performance out of their PCs. Yet some users like professional gamers and enthusiasts need every PC component to be premium and exclusive. Building with a silent PC case is one of the reasonable choices; gamers want their gaming experience to be as good as possible by having upgraded peripherals and keeping the acoustic levels almost zero. This article is bringing ease to people looking for the most durable and soundless PC cases. There are many brands in the market with the availability of all sorts of cases, but we have shortlisted a few of them with low levels of sound as the foremost priority.

Talking about the health hazards of a loud PC, surprisingly, they do exist. Despite irritating your mood, a noisy PC can affect your hearing gradually. The noise exceeding 85Db of levels can damage your ears, and protection would be necessary. Your PC can become loud due to dissipating a lot of heat, the wrong choice of PC placement area, dust, or a faulty component inside your PC. Selecting a quiet computer case would help your PC to dissipate less heat, support it with excellent and direct airflow, and most importantly, help the additionally installed cooler fans produce less sound.

A quiet pc case does not mean less airflow, and they often perform better than louder cases because silent means better fans quality. They have better technologies of airflow and sound-damping and are designed to perform quiet operations. You don’t need to spend more money on the silent computer case as it is made of super quality but less costly materials, and you can buy these cases at normal ranges. Some silent cases are commonly overpriced because of some additional features but not for being silent. That is why you can go for such PC cases without thinking about their cost or material but thank the advanced technologies that make it possible to provide beautiful and maximum air-flow PC cases at the most reasonable price tags. Let’s look at the guide and some shopping tips to find out the quiet computer case that would be more compatible with your PC system.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Chassis Size: The foremost factor determining your PC chassis size would be your motherboard’s size. Not all case sizes would be a perfect fit for your PC, so you need to select a quality chassis while keeping the size of your motherboard form factor in mind. PC cases are manufactured in three sizes; Full-tower, Mid-tower, and Mini-tower. Mid-tower cases are prevalent and recommendable, too, as they provide an adequate amount of room for cooling. But the case size is a user’s preference.

Case Aesthetics: The outlooks and aesthetics of the case would be considered by a few users, but as for picky users, PC hardware brands can have a hard time installing aesthetic upgrades. You need to look for chassis with enough room to organize the wires without tangling them; also, look for rubber grommets in them for wire protection. For RGB glow, you can look for the cases with this feature or install RGB strips and fans by yourself to the PC cases.

Cooling: A PC case with fewer cooling options is the wrong choice; saving your PC from overheating is imperative and necessary. Also, you need to make sure that your system is getting enough cooling. That would depend on the fan and radiator mount a case would provide. It would be best to look for a case with enough of them and a good airflow scheme. For a quieter PC, good airflow is a must. Chassis providing excellent airflow is recommended.

Accessibility: Apart from getting an excellent PC case, if your access is limited to the interior components of the PC, then it would be less fun and a time-consuming installation process, which could be hectic for some users. A PC chassis with the option of a removable part comes in handy as it will provide more room. Make sure not to spend all your time looking for an attractive and less pricey case, do keep in mind the accessibility factor.

Best Quiet PC Cases for Ultra-Silent PC Builds at a glance:

  1. Fractal Design Define 7
  2. Be Quiet! Silent Base 802
  3. Corsair 100R Silent Edition
  4. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower
  5. Corsair Carbide Series 678C
  6. Thermaltake Suppressor F31
  7. Fractal Design Define Mini C
  8. Fractal Design Define Nano S

The Best Quiet PC Cases for Ultra-Silent PC Builds You Can Buy Today

Fractal Design Define 7 (Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Define 7

Best Overall Silent PC Case


Type: ATX Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini ITX / E-ATX | Card Length Supported: 491mm | Storage Support: 14 HDDs, 4 SSDs, and an ODD bay | Included Fans: 3


DVD Bay slots

Excellent filtration system

Multiple Top panel sections


No Hardware brackets

No pre-installed HDD header

Fractal Design Define 7 comes with many versatile features, promising their buyers an efficient thermal performance. The product is a Mid-Tower case, with a classic black and sleek white design with steel build-up and tempered glass supporting motherboard up to 285mm. The company builds this product’s layout to deliver maximum airflow with almost nill acoustic levels, making the product the best overall silent PC case. These chassis come with air cooling and water cooling; one can install both other fans and radiators. The case’s overall design allows access to many input and output ports for the user’s convenience.

The product is easy to install, and manufacturers build this silent computer case to provide excellent accessibility to the interior components and good sound damping. The company also acknowledges the cleanliness factor; multiple nylon filters have been added at the top, front, and backside to make the case dust-free. No window panel and RGB lights are pre-installed in the case so that it might be less attractive for some people, but users with performance preferences would like the product for sure. We would recommend this product to the users demanding value and versatility in one product.

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 (Image credit: Amazon)

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802

Best Runner-Up Silent PC Case


Type: ATX Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: E-ATX / ATX / M-ATX / Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 287mm,432mm | Storage Support: Double HDD | Included Fans: 3


Additional mesh panel

Fan controllers included

Tinted and tempered glass side


Limited drive cages

No RGB illumination

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 finally came out for the users looking for a case with pin-drop silence working performance. Available in both white and black with the steel and plastic body and a side window with tempered glass with removable side panels giving the whole product a distinctive yet classy look. Due to the upgraded low noise feature is being called the best runner-up silent PC case, and the product proves this with the installation of a Pure Wings fan that makes a whisper-like noise. One of the stunning features is fan controllers for PWM mode fans also present in this PC case. The cable management has also been genuinely taken care of; rubber grommets are added to give the wires the protection they deserve.

The case can support a GPU with a length up to 11.3 Inches and PSU up to 288mm; a few additional drive bays can also be installed. Multiple USB Ports and audio jacks are available on the excellent service in the silent computer case. The product also provides a water cooling and a quiet pc case experience. Moreover, the dust filters have been added to keep your PC all clean and pretty to look at. With this much abundance of features, it is recommended to the gamers aiming to build a PC with a more reliable and less noisy PC case.

Corsair 100R Silent Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair 100R Silent Edition

Best Budget Quiet PC Case


Type: ATX Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 414mm,275mm | Storage Support: 4 HDD, 4 SSD | Included Fans: 2


Exhaust fan included

Decent cable management

Tool-free 3.5” and 5.25” drive installation


No PSU included

No Corsair Link Enabled

Corsair is famous in the computer hardware world because of its top-grade gaming riots and other components. One of its products, Corsair 100R Silent Edition, has recently taken a hype due to its unique and evolved features. With a solid color and a strong yet lightweight body, the chassis is enchanting. 100R is considered the best budget quiet PC case, along with providing a quality service. The case is spacious enough to offer an excellent front-to-back airflow within with the help of two fans corsair provides. Few sacrifices have been made with the low budget, like no rubber grommets and no power supply has been installed.

The case dimensions are 471mm x 200mm x 430mm, and the graphic card length supported by the product is usually 414m, but without the storage cage, the length drops. 100R is roomy enough to keep a large length GPU and clear passage for airflow. As for silent working, being the best silent pc case it gives a solid performance with the fan controllers, giving a reasonable amount of cooling. The case also comes with multiple USB options; we recommend this product to minimalist PC users, as the jet black chassis offers a lot within a small budget.

Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower (Image credit: Amazon)

Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower

Best Silent High-End PC Case


Type: ATX Full-Tower | Motherboard Support: E-ATX / XL-ATX / ATX / M-ATX / Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 325mm,469mm | Storage Support: 5 HDDs, 10 SSDs, and 2 optical drives out | Included Fans: 3


Dual Fan controller

Removable side panels

Ready for radiators up to 420mm


No dust filter

No addressable RGB Strips

Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower is a case with the most accessible features and fascinating looks that attract users. The company build its design with complete dedication and install various upgrades for silent performance. It is why one can undoubtedly call it the best silent high-end PC case. The case is ATX Full-Tower which means lots of space will be available for us. Numerous options for storage, water cooling radiators, and room for three fan mounts have been seen in the chassis. Known for its super silent working, a dual-rail fan controller is installed, controlling pre-installed silent wing fans in both static and performance mode for maximum cooling.

The quite computer case is provided with the LED strips with multiple color modes, so the users with RGB fascinations can enjoy the light show. Features like these do not only make the case charming but also the quietest pc case. Multiple HDD, SDD, and USB slots have been equipped in the case, providing various input options to the users. One of the unique features of the case is the installation of a Qi-enabled charger for wireless charging purposes. The product is versatile overall and worthy of buying.

Corsair Carbide Series 678C (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Carbide Series 678C

Best Quiet Alternative PC CaseCase


Type: ATX Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini ITX / E-ATX | Card Length Supported: 370mm | Storage Support: 3 SSD,6 HDD/ODD | Included Fans: 3


100% steel structure

Removable dust filters

DVD drive bay Included


No LED fans

Not suitable for fancy builds

Corsair proved again that it is one of the leading PC hardware and gaming peripheral brands by manufacturing one of their most acceptable Corsair Carbide Series 678C, featuring ATX Mid Tower and storage options. The company made justice to the exterior design and the interior components, making the chassis the best quiet alternative PC case. Corsair usually gives a limited selection in colors for the case body; for this one, classical black and white have been offered, with sleek design and premium build weighing almost 28kg. Fans and radiators can be installed for air and water cooling, as Mid-Tower cases are ideal for airflow. Moreover, one can control the slow and fast speed of the fan via PWM Repeater.

A tidy look, excellent airflow, and the roomy case is the top priority of the best silent pc case by Corsair. They build their cases according to these criteria; as in this case, multiple nylon dust filters have been added. You can find your additional storage options by installing other drive bays, and for aesthetics, one can install RGB Light because the case does not come with the pre-installed ones. Users with old-school style chassis preferences would like it for being a quite computer case; we also recommend such quite pc cases because of their expandable capacity.

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermaltake Suppressor F31

Best Quiet Mid-Tower Case


Type: ATX Mid-Tower | Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX (12" x 9.6") / Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 278mm,420mm | Storage Support: 3 HDD, 2 SDD | Included Fans: 2+6


Modular sound-damping

Multiple cooling solutions

Thick Tempered Glass Window


No USB 3.2 port

Flimsy magnet filter

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 is a perfect example for making a case as silent as possible and Thermaltake’s first product with noise-damping properties. Featuring a bold SPCC steel and Tempered glass build weighing only 10kg is an excellent addition in case. The name suppressor suggests that it is the case with an enclosed design for noise-reducing, making it the best quiet Mid-Tower case. Eight expansion slots, a few USB ports, and a singular audio jack have been added. The GPU length fluctuates with and without the HDD cage, but the case is roomy enough for that. However, the case does not come with a side window panel.

The cable management in the quite pc cases is pretty decent, giving the system a professional look. Thick steel materials have been used for maximum protection against physical injury; moreover, this sturdy build-up help with noise proofing. All these unique features enable the case to be on the best silent pc case list, giving the buyers a huge advantage. The addition of magnetic dust filters adds more to the goodness of the chassis. Users with quality preferences and demanding a seamless performance should be adding the following product to their shopping list.

Fractal Design Define Mini C (Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Define Mini C

Best Silent Micro-ATX PC Case


Type: Micro ATX Mini Tower | Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 315mm | Storage Support: 2 HDD, 3 SDD/HDD | Included Fans: 2


Dedicated SSD plates

Cable routing grommets

Dual Graphics card support


No carry handle

No tempered glass panel

The following chassis is built for silent computing and maximum airflow; Fractal Design presents Fractal Design Define Mini C series for enthusiastic PC users looking to develop their PC in a compact size. The case offers Micro ATX Mini Tower, but the quality and performance are not being compromised. Known for its silent operation, the product is the best silent Micro-ATX PC case available in the market. Integrated features include the addition of up to five drives, support for dual GPU cards, ModuVent technology, tempered glass, and fixed velcro straps. The case indeed proves that size does not define worth.

Both cooling options in this quite computer case have been provided to the chassis; you can fix five fan mounts and a 280mm radiator inside. A magnetic dust filter is also added to give a tidy look to the case. Soundproofing materials are pre-installed for low acoustic levels. Although the size of the product is small, the excellent cooling options are also there, along with the premium build. If you are a PC user who wants to build a system that occupies lesser of space yet a solid choice for your system’s protection, then the following product is a reasonable choice.

Fractal Design Define Nano S (Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Define Nano S

Best Silent Mini-ITX Case


Type: Mini-ITX | Motherboard Support: ITX | Card Length Supported: 315mm | Storage Support: 2 HDD, 2 HDD/SSD | Included Fans: 2


Dynamic series fans

User-friendly chassis

ModuVent Technology for silence


No 5.25 drive bay

No SFX adapter mount

Fractal Design Define Nano S is another prestigious addition in the computer world, built entirely for an impeccable performance. The company has always been paying attention to little details, which is the reason for the popularity of the following product. Nano S is said to be the best silent Mini-ITX case among the available compact sizes cases. The build material is steel and plastic with a volume of up to 28 L. The chassis is perfectly built for an adequate amount of cooling via both radiator and fans. However, there is a lack of RGB headers, but one can install additional LED lights for a glow-up.

As we have already concluded that size does not define worth with the previous product belonging to the same brand, the size of the product is relatively smaller than the rest of the cases out there. Still, it is spacious enough to give you user-friendly and tidy cable management, plus the ability to store longer-length GPU. The case combines durability and reliability when selecting a minor case. We recommend this to the users looking for a cute chassis with monstrous good performance on a considerable budget. Small and trustworthy.


We have summed up a list of cases that are known for their low acoustic levels and each of them is trusted as the quietest pc case. Cases with silent operations have become very popular among PC users, especially gamers. Several factors need to be kept in mind before getting a case for your system. If we talk about the size of the subject, then it would depend on the size of your PC, Corsair and Fractal design have Mid-tower chassis available, and you can choose either of them. Mid-Tower cases have been famous because they have the ideal size to provide adequate cooling to the system.

A bigger the size of the case, you would need more cooling options to keep the heat down; moreover, more dust filters would be necessary. The case design is an imperative factor in deciding the noise levels. Be quiet! Comes with a Full-tower PC case. Each listed quiet computer case has different sound damping techniques, and all of them are recommended to users with PC noise problems. No matter how good your PC build is, a suitable case is needed for it; select any of The 8 Best Quiet PC Cases for ultra-silent PC Builds in 2021 and have a noiseless PC experience.

PC casing is becoming more significant these days due to the latest technologies and aesthetical points of view. Every gamer and the pro user wants to avail themselves of the quietest pc case. They are often stuck between designing and efficiency, especially between RGB effects and cooling features. Some PC cases are based on the latest technologies but do not match their color scheme, and others do not support their desired hardware. So, you should pick some balanced quite pc cases with modern design and hardware support while going for PC cases.